WBI Bull|Bear Yield 1000 ETF






As of 06/17/2019


$75.17 (MM)
As of 06/17/2019

WBI’s Unique Active Management

Utilized for nearly 30 years, WBI’s active investment process seeks to manage risk to capital, unleash the benefits of compounding, and grow capital efficiently through good and bad market cycles. So how does WBIG find yield?

Watch the video to find out.

The WBIG Power Factor

WBIG screens thousands of securities daily based on three fundamental value characteristics, or “Power Factors”:

  1. Trailing 12-month diluted earnings from continuing operations to price (E/P Ratio)
  2. Trailing 12-month free cash flow to price (FCF/P Ratio)
  3. Trailing 12-month sales to price (S/P Ratio)

Stock Selection Process

WBIG is an active ETF focused on global large-cap value, dividend paying stocks. The fund seeks to manage risk to capital while providing attractive returns and long-term growth of capital. The rigorous stock selection process ensures the fund invests in the highest quality, large-cap value stocks.

Active Risk Management

WBIG is designed to participate in market advances and protect capital during market declines. With WBI’s time-tested active risk management, it is a great tool to pair with passive ETFs to reduce down-market correlation, volatility, and loss of capital.


  • WBIG Investment Process Overview
  • Daily Holdings:
    06/18/2019WBIGCash&OtherCash&OtherCash & Other21,938,0181.00000021938017.5629.18%75172545.00315000063Y
    06/18/2019WBIGT00206R102AT&T INC113,98532.3000003681715.504.90%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGJCIG51502105JOHNSON CTLS INTL PLC90,76239.1700003555147.544.73%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGHIG416515104HARTFORD FINL SVCS GROUP INC COM63,60254.5300003468217.064.61%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGGILD375558103GILEAD SCIENCES INC49,97867.1000003353523.804.46%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGDAL247361702DELTA AIR LINES INC DEL58,32155.6700003246730.074.32%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGOMC681919106OMNICOM GROUP INC40,62079.8000003241476.004.31%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGTRV89417E109TRAVELERS COMPANIES INC21,541149.9200003229426.724.30%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGBMY110122108BRISTOL MYERS SQUIBB CO66,88148.2100003224333.014.29%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGAES00130H105AES CORP181,19116.8300003049444.534.06%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGEXC30161N101EXELON CORP60,16950.4500003035526.054.04%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGLMT539830109LOCKHEED MARTIN CORP8,680348.6900003026629.204.03%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGSJM832696405SMUCKER J M CO24,410122.4000002987784.003.97%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGVIAB92553P201VIACOM INC NEW101,95329.3000002987222.903.97%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGSYF87165B103SYNCHRONY FINL86,71834.0100002949279.183.92%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGDRI237194105DARDEN RESTAURANTS INC24,723118.3100002924978.133.89%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGUSB902973304US BANCORP DEL50,33851.5100002592910.383.45%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGPNC693475105PNC FINL SVCS GROUP INC10,418132.5400001380801.721.84%75172545.003150000630.00
    06/18/2019WBIGPRU744320102PRUDENTIAL FINL INC12,89497.9400001262838.361.68%75172545.003150000630.00

An investment in the Fund is subject to investment risk, including the possible loss of principal amount invested. The Fund may invest in foreign and emerging market securities, which carry additional risks, such as currency fluctuation, economic or financial instability, lack of timely or reliable financial information, or unfavorable political or legal developments. An investment in the Fund varies with the success and failure of the Sub-Advisor’s investment strategies and the Sub-Advisor’s research, analysis, and determination of portfolio securities. The investment process includes the use of proprietary models and analysis that rely on third-party data and, if inaccurate, could adversely affect the Fund performance. The Fund may invest in Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), mutual funds, and Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs), which will subject the Fund to additional expenses of each ETF, mutual fund, or ETN and risk of owning the underlying securities held by each. Options on securities may be subject to greater fluctuations in value than an investment in the underlying securities. The Fund may invest in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs). Risks commonly associated with the direct ownership of real estate include fluctuations in the value of underlying properties, defaults by borrowers or tenants, changes in interest rates, and risks related to general or local economic conditions. In addition, the Fund is subject to market risk, dividend risk, growth risk, value risk, debt security risk, high-yield security risk, master limited partnership risk, small- and medium-sized companies risk, portfolio turnover risk, securities business risk, and trading price risk.